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Kaleido Block Knife Holder. 🔪 NOW 50% OFF! 📣

Kaleido Block Knife Holder. 🔪 NOW 50% OFF! 📣

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The Kaleido Block Knife Holder is made of environment-friendly rubber material, the surface of our knife block is soft, comfortable, and safe. The Kaleido Block Knife Holder has a unique design Slot to Protect Blades. The flexible rubber construction avoids fractures effectively, providing a durable and easy-care knife holder.

Kaleido Block Knife Holder Features:

  • Unique Humanism Design: Save space and enjoy a huge amount of capacity. The innovative double-layer wavy slot made of flexible material, which ensures knives slide in or pull out easily and protects them from abrasion.  It has a compact countertop footprint which makes it convenient for saving space in small kitchens.


  • Fits any Size or Shape: With 9.25-inch height and 5.12-inch diameter, our TITO kitchen knife block can fit 12 knives, giving you a large-capacity kitchen organizer. Ideal for almost all sizes and shapes knives, such as cleaver knife, chef’s knife, utility knife, steak knife, bread knife, paring knife, vegetable knife, and kitchen scissors.

  • Easy to Clean and Dry: Designed for cleaning and flowing out water easily, this universal knife block has a removable cap and several holes at the bottom. Comparing with bamboo or solid wood, our terrific knife block offers peak performance of moisture and mold resistance.

  • Weighted Bottom With Drain Holes: The weighted rubber bottom keeps the slim block from tipping over and helps it stay in place. The anti-slip feature ensures stability when handling the knives. The drain holes on the bottom keep the mold from growing and your knives clean and dry.
  • Easy And Secure Insertion: Features a wide top for easy insertion of the knives, and a narrow bottom to keep them securely in place.

When You're Organizing your Kitchen, Have you encountered these problems?

  1. Too many knives to put down
  2. The blade edge is easy to break
  3. The size of the knife block hole does not match the knives
  4. Bamboo and wooden knife blocks are prone to mold and cracking
  5. Old-fashioned style, not suitable the kitchen

NO WORRY! Our Kaleido Block Knife Holder can solve all of these problems, It's breakthrough traditional shackles can make you feel the convenience of a new design.

  • Food Grade Material - Waterproof, No mold, No cracking, much better than wooden knife blocks.
  • Safe Storage - Elastic double-layer slot, flexible and steady, even tilting the knife block, the knives will not slide out.
  • Detachable to Cleaning - The top slots can be taken apart and cleaned, you can clean crumbs that are stuck in it preventing it from going moldy, keeping our knives block more safe and hygienic.
  • Scissors Snap-in Design - Plugin as you go, don’t need to look for scissors everywhere.
  • Thickened Base Design - Thickened base, enough to counterbalance the knife's weight, stand firm and stable, making it hard to fall after a collision.
  • Suited for All Different Size Knives - Such as steak knives, butter knives, bread knives, and chef knives.