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Leather Repair Cream

Leather Repair Cream

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Leather Repair Cream

Restore any leather surface back to its luxurious quality instantly with this Leather Repairing Cream!

This cream is made especially for polishing and decontaminating leather surfaces. Over time, leather tends to age, crack and dry out, but this agent is a perfect solution for keeping your leather furniture, car seats, shoes or bags always looking brand new. 

It easily removes dust, dirt and scratches, while adding a protective layer of coating to prevent further aging. This Leather Repairing Cream will help prolong the life of your favorite leather items, so there’s no need to throw them away!



  • Instant Repair: Easily cleans dirt, scratches, stains, dust and grime. Repairs burns,️ rips, holes, tears and cracked leather surfaces.
  • Restores: Restores aged and worn out leather surfaces. Returns it to original bright color and brand new state.
  • Protects and Prevents Aging: Agent provides moisture and prevents oxidation and aging of leather. Leaves protective coating to increase durability and effectively prevents damage caused by sun exposure.
  • Safe for All Types of Leather: Suitable for all types of leather surfaces and doesn’t cause damage. Ideal for furniture, couches, handbags, boots, car interiors, etc. 

Works On Any Surface!


  • Type: Leather Repairing Cream 
  • Gross Weight: About 150 g
  • Package Includes: 1 x Leather Repairing Agent